Ideals to Expand Data room Software to sciences organizations

The era of informatization of society has a significant impact on the education sector. Therefore, virtual technologies can become a part of sciences organizations.

Virtual Data Room: how it can be used in science?

The information society needs convenient and effective forms of information exchange and use. A popular trend today is the so-called cloud technologies, which create opportunities to work with information resources, despite the hardware and software of the client, as well as its geographical location.

Modern science needs powerful information and communication technologies that allow for qualitative analysis and presentation of the results of scientific research. Ensuring the possibility of storing ever-increasing volumes of data, making them available for sharing and effectively managed, providing effective means of data processing for quality research, and teaching scientists to actively use them is the priority.

Modern advances in computer science in education have been applied to data sharing in many different repositories. This direction is associated with the spread of more convenient, flexible, scalable systems for organizing access to electronic resources and services, enabling teamwork with software applications, removal of geographical and time constraints, mobility of all subjects in the use of cloud technology, and other factors. Virtual Data Room (VDR) is one such system.

Under the influence of the development of cloud-based Data Rooms, the ways of scientific research have changed. Services that provide e-infrastructure can be used to process large arrays of data with the necessary computing power, to conduct virtual experiments, to share remote equipment that was not possible before.

IDeals Data Room: complex processes can be simple

Based on Data Room reviews from, the iDeals software provider is the leader in the marketplace as it has a wide list of the areas of its implementation. And science is not an exception. This Data Room offers a secure workspace for biomedical organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and companies conducting clinical researchers.

iDeals is a cloud repository for storing and working with files. After a simple registration procedure, the user can work with any files from any device, even in the absence of the Internet. The software ensures you organize effective interaction of all participants in the scientific process, to plan joint work.

IDeals Data Room supports three main activities, which determines the science area of its use:

  • Communication is the process of exchanging information (facts, ideas, views, emotions, etc.) between two or more people.
  • Collaboration – the process of joint activities, for example, in the intellectual sphere, two or more individuals or organizations to achieve common goals, for which there is an exchange of knowledge, training, and agreement.
  • Cooperation – cooperation, the relationship of people in the processes of their activities.

IDeals Data Room storage provides the following functions for sciences organizations:

  • quickly synchronize information coming from different sources and make it available to each participant, regardless of its location;
  • jointly edit documents (creation of conceptual models, work on regulations and regulations, etc.);
  • online collection of information from many users; 
  • provide access to different levels to each document on disk (closed to all, open by link, public, accessible to a certain group of users, the ability to download); 
  • integration of disk materials with other services, free distribution of any materials using widgets and implementation codes; 
  • post documents of different types: for joint use (reports, articles, 15 materials, digests, etc.), template documents (documents of a certain structure), for an acquaintance (informing about the emergence of innovative developments, participation in scientific activities, etc.), for execution (orders, work plans, etc.).