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Any financier who wants to succeed in business is forced to spend a lot of time on personal finance and investment forums. These Internet resources are an excellent source of information, where you can find many important answers related to questions about money. Forums related to personal finance management can provide a person with a lot of useful information. The most popular ones have active communities where people share their experiences and knowledge. There is also a great chance that the question of interest has already been asked on this resource, and this does not make you feel alone in your problem. And, of course, the forum is a source to find an effective solution to it. In this article, we will try to make it easier for you to choose the best personal finance forums. Below are the TOP-10 best finance forums, according to several leading experts in the industry. After reading this article, you can immediately join the active community to ask questions and seek help in creating personal finance plans.

  1. myFICO Forums

You can find an incredible amount of useful information about all types of credit reports and scores on this forum. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is in the first place in this TOP. Also, on this resource, you can find many sections that are devoted to how finance affects relationships, the latest news from the world of finance, different types of credit accounts, and much more. As for the community, it is extremely active on myFICO Forums. And that is not counting the fact that there is already a huge amount of useful information in the public domain. Therefore, if you have any questions related to personal finances, do not rush to create a new topic. Most likely, someone has already asked for the same personal finance help question and already received a solution. One has only to search a little.

  1. YNAB Forums

YNAB Forums is a very effective resource where you can find a lot of useful information regarding personal finance management. As in the variant above, the community is extremely active here, and therefore, YNAB Forums usefulness in developing right personal finance course can hardly be overestimated. People gather here to cope with various financial and legal difficulties. If you were looking for a place to ask for personal finance help, then the community will give you all the support. The main thing is not to forget to follow the rules of the forum and ask questions constructively.


  1. Morningstar Forums

This is one of the best investment forums and it is unmatched in the effectiveness of finding a group of like-minded people on investment issues. Anyone whose activity is related to personal finance can find here a huge amount of useful information on investing. This can be, for example, stock-picking to investing or retirement to mutual fund investing. An extensive discussion topic on personal finance is also present here. Still, the topic of investment is the main one here.

  1. Reddit – Personal Finance

On this personal finance forum, you can find almost everything you need related to the topic of personal financing. Resource-oriented messages can help you make sense of important information and get the most out of your experience. This forum is very useful, and it has an active community, and people from different walks of life often participate in discussions. This also gives you access to additional options.

  1. Reddit – Investing

This source of information on personal finance will be a good choice in the first place because you can find many interesting and relevant links on profitable financing on it. Here you do not have to enter into any discussion but immediately go to the online resource you are interested in using the link. Due to this is Reddit – Investing a good choice for fast setting of a new personal finance course.

  1. Bogleheads Forum

This personal finance forum was named after its founder – Vanguard, Jack Bogle. Here you can find a lot of information about long-term and passive investments. You can also find out about their profitability. If necessary, the community can answer your questions about asset allocation or the need for portfolio rebalancing.

  1. Fat Wallet Forums

This forum is full of a wide variety of information related to finance. Everything is discussed – starting with investment issues or how to make house repairs as profitably as possible. On the Fat Wallet Forums, you can find any topic that involves money in one way or another. There are also topics that list the best balance transfer cards and the most profitable online banks. With the help of community creation of personal finance plans will be much easier.

  1. Bigger Pockets Forum

If you own real estate that you rent or are just thinking about investing in this area, this forum will be very useful. It is also a great resource for someone who is engaged in real estate activities.

  1. Mr. Money Mustache Forums

Money Mustache is a good forum for all financiers and businessmen. The section related to taxes will be most useful. There you can learn a lot of taxation peculiarities and get personal finance help in various difficult situations.

  1. Saving Advice Forums

If you need advice on personal financing or exchange experiences with other people, then Saving Advice Forums will definitely be useful to you. There are many sections on such popular topics as credit cards, mortgages, real estate investments, and different earning money.

How to use forums correctly

In order for your visits and discussions on personal finance forums to be effective, you must first spend some time studying the rules of the resource. Each site has its own rules of conduct, prohibited actions, requirements, and other points that you need to know before starting active participation in the community’s life. This will help you to get the most effective and correct personal finance course, and you will not be disappointed in this or that online resource. Remember that you are communicating with people like you and that you are not their client. Remember to respect each other, and then you will definitely become a respected member of any online community for personal finance.